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The Shadow Dextrous Robot Hand Now For Sale

The guys that built one of the world’s best-working robotic hands now have to find a market for their creation. The Shadow Dextrous Robot Hand is capable of 24 movements, is regarded as the most advanced robot hand in the world and is available for purchase now! Shadow has been developing robots and other unusual technologies since 1987, for research customers and for people with real-world problems.

Shadow boasts advanced capabilities in:

• mechanical engineering
• electronics prototyping
• software design and development

Shadow is able to offer customers contract engineering and development services for a wide range of sectors including Research, Universities, Engineering, Entertainment and Toys.

To date customers have included:
NASA, BBC, ABB, Fujimoto, LEGO, Matsushita, Bielefeld University, Cambridge University, Tokyo University, Carnegie-Mellon University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Maryland, HRL Laboratories, LLC, and Mays and Schnapp Pain Clinic.

[Source] The Shadow Robot Company