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The Climber

ICM has developed a technology to radically alter how elevated height work is performed. Their portable, remote-controlled devices can scale virtually any vertical or inverted surface, and, because they are operated safely from the ground, humans are not exposed to dangerous heights or to dangerous chemical or toxin environs. Their machines can climb walls, tanks, ships, building structures, dams, towers, etc.

The ICM Technology: Small remote-controlled climbing machines operated by a human on the ground, while the machines perform the actual “work”. Thus, the machines are exposed to dangerous heights; the machines are exposed to toxins or contamination; the machines are exposed to the fatigue and effort of the work while the human operator effortlessly controls the machines via control panel/laptop computer.

ICM climbers are small, remote-controlled, easily deployable, lightweight climbing machines with big payload capabilities. The machines can climb walls, ceilings or rounded surfaces. The inherent benefit is the patented seal that allows these lightweight climbers to climb over surface obstacles, uneven surfaces and surface contours, making them unlike ANY other climber. The machines weigh approx 30 pounds(!), yet have a pull off strength of over 225 pounds. Plus, the machines are reliable, robust and easy to operate. The climbers also have interchangeable attachments so the same climber can be used for an array of missions. These include:

1) Coating removal with Roto Peen or Starcutter
2) Coating removal with blast media
3) Surface cleaning with nonabrasive brush and water
4) Complete capture—-All cleaning / coating removal methods have vacuum capture. All waste is captured!
5) NDT and NDE Inspection. We can remotely test for coating thickness, wall thickness, corrosion or stress cracking
6) Visual Inspection. Remote controlled cameras with pan zoom and tilt
7) Coating application. Pressure fed roller and spray applicator in development.

ICM Climbing Machine Transition - Sloped Floor to Curved Wall

ICM Spraying Strippable Coatings in Hot Cell

ICM Climbing Machine Cutting Liner on Floor Walls

[Source] International Climbing Machines ICM