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TeamDARE’s Robot Band

TeamDARE Eindhoven is a small team of enthusiastic engineering specialists that share a common hobby: building robots! They are the creators of Robot Band and are currently competing in the 2012 Boca Bearings Innovation Competition for a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize! Check out more clips of Robot Band by reading more! Also make sure to read about TeamDARE Endhoven in the SERVO Magazine June 2012 GeerHead column.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication


TeamDARE is a small team of enthousiastic engineering specialists that share a common hobby: building robots!. The team originates from an internship at the TU/e back in 2001, while participating at Eurobot. The team is unique in combining industry experience in embedded, intelligent systems, from daily work with long term friendship and experience in robot building. The teams strength is its balance and synergy between mechanics, electronics and computer science. This and help from sponsors make it possible for the team members to combine these endeavors with their full time jobs. TeamDARE always strives to develop and design their own solutions, with attention to simplicity and low cost. This includes circuit design and layout, building and designing mechanical constructions that require a minimum amount of difficult-to-construct parts, and software design with a preference for open source and solutions that are backed-up by thriving software communities.


TeamDARE compilation for Bocabearings


Adele's - Rolling in the deep


Guitar played by TeamDARE robot


TeamDARE presenting their drum playing robot


[Source] Boca Bearings & Youtube: TeamDARE