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Sunstone Circuits® Now Offering Rogers Materials Shipped within 24 Hours of Purchasing

Mulino, OR - February 15, 2011 - Sunstone Circuits®, the printed circuit board (PCB) prototype solutions provider, has enhanced their services by offering Rogers material 4350 (RO4350) for orders placed within the Sunstone quickturn product line.

With the wireless communications industry rapidly evolving, this type of demand is becoming extremely common. Nearly all radio frequency (RF) devices used for test equipment specify Rogers materials. With its impressive and efficient dielectric constant, Rogers PCBs allow for very little current impedance. As a result, it has become the material of choice for designers developing high speed circuits.

“For years Sunstone has been doing fantastic work for our customers. By adding Rogers materials to their quickturn prototypes, even more of our customers will be able to take advantage of their quality service and support.” - Duane Benson, Marketing Manager for Screaming Circuits.

For RF engineers who may have settled for low-quality prototypes or sub-par customer service due to a lack of quality suppliers, this will be a great opportunity for them to now engage in the Sunstone experience.

“Our goal is to ensure the success of our customers’ ideas and products. Our customers deserve affordable prototypes with quick turn-around times that do not compromise a quality end-product. That is why we stay committed to delivering the most effective and efficient PCB prototypes with the most ‘extreme’ customer service in the industry. With live, 24/7/365 support, our customer service representatives are standing by to provide reliable solutions, every day of the year.” - Diane Economaki, Director of Marketing at Sunstone Circuits.

By adding Rogers materials to their arsenal of products and services, Sunstone Circuits is continuing to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. They understand that the need for high-power, high-frequency transistors is increasing rapidly and in serious demand amongst the wireless communications industry. With higher efficiency, increased bandwidth and linearity, more polarization and higher junction temperature, RO4350 adds a whole new component of value to the already impressive PCBexpress product line.

Sunstone Circuits believes in always putting the customer’s needs first. By adding Rogers materials to their products and services, they have done just that. The philosophy: Give customers what they want; not just because they need it, but because they deserve it.

All 2-Layer quickturn boards featuring RO4350 will be produced at a .020” thickness with maximum board dimensions of 8” in length by 8” in width, and in quantities of up to 25 boards per order with RoHS compliant immersion silver finish. All prototypes ordered will be shipped within 24 hours of purchasing.

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