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RoboKind robots are created with unparalleled technology that produces the most lifelike robots in the world. Meet Zeno R-25! He is a revolutionary humanoid robot that engages children faster than traditional therapy and intrinsically motivates them to learn. The goal is to augment traditional therapy by improving a child’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts now and into adulthood.

RoboKind is a world leader in the robotics industry employing some of the nation’s top experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, and electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Our breakthrough technology created the interactive and facial expression possible in humanoid robots including Einstein and Diego-san and Zeno. Their mission is to design and build social robots that interact with people more naturally and personally than ever before to help them learn and grow. By continuing to make these robots affordable, they hope more people will take advantage of their capabilities and what they have to offer to society.

Children with autism are mechanically inclined and have a drive to analyze or construct systems. They have a natural interest in robots as a mechanical system which encourages engagement with a robot without the social and communication challenges that children with autism have with other humans. Research shows that children with autism can often more quickly relate to a humanoid robot than with an adult because of their mechanical inclinations. Using a robot for autism therapy uses the strengths of children with autism to help them learn the social and behavioural skills they lack.

Autism Program Introduction


Currently Robots4Autism is having a Contest to name their autism robot..  Hurry now and head over to and submit your name for Zeno. Contest was just extended!