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Rethink Robotics: Meet Baxter

Meet Baxter, a revolutionary new category of Robot from Rethink Robotics that is capable of applying common sense behavior to manufacturing environments. Baxter is significantly less expensive than traditional industrial robots—and much easier to deploy. It can be up and running in under an hour. Train it like you would any other worker – through demonstration. No software engineering or teaching pendant required! And it’s made in the USA!

At Rethink Robotics, our goal is to help revitalize American manufacturing with innovative automation technologies that can help companies increase production while reducing the need for low-cost offshoring. This helps keep jobs from migrating overseas, while giving U.S. manufacturers a new competitive edge in the global marketplace.

In that spirit, our robots are proudly designed and manufactured in America, with components from suppliers in over a dozen states and assembly of the robot taking place within driving distance of our Boston, MA headquarters.

A unique robot with unique features

Baxter is an entirely new type robot that is redefining the way robots can be used in manufacturing environments. It performs a variety of repetitive production tasks – all while safely and intelligently working next to people.  How?  Baxter exhibits behavior-based ‘common sense,’ capable of sensing and adapting to its task and its environment. It requires no complex programming or costly integration. And with its uniquely low price point, Baxter provides a compelling alternative to low-cost offshoring for manufacturers of all sizes.

Below, you’ll start to see why Baxter is popping up in all sorts of unexpected places.