Posted in: SERVO Blog (12/30 at 09:09 AM)

Remo on Sale Now!

A new humanoid robot kit called Remo (Remote Brain) is now on sale; its custom CPU communicates with a remote PC over a Bluetooth Ver 2.0 wireless connection for its operational instructions. Programs like image processing can then run faster, and aren’t constrained by any memory restrictions. It’s pretty expensive at 399,000 JPY ($4,358 USD) but comes with unusual extras: stereo color CCD cameras for image processing capabilities; and pressure sensors in the soles of the feet for balance control.

The robot has 20 DOF (serial servos: PRS-DE07MS, 7.1kg/cm torque) and can be powered using LiPo batteries and an AC adapter, which means you don’t have to worry about it running out of power during experiments. Finally, it also comes with a unique face plate which gives it more character.  It’s great to see kits hitting the market that come with cameras; this along with Vstone’s Robovie-PC are paving the way towards greater complexity in hobby robots.