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Most people with pets find themselves away from their furry companions while living hectic lives. PetBot is a unique technology that allows you to interact with your pet while at work, in meetings, making overtime, commuting, or having an after-work drink. With PetBot you can feed, reward, and connect with your pet anywhere and anytime.



  • PetBot contains a multitude of features allowing as deep an interaction as possible while away from your pet.
  • Remote-controlled live webcam - PetBot’s camera can be moved only up or down, by phone app, or computer via website ([url=http://your]http://your[/url] pet’s name
  • Advanced image recognition software – PetBot detects and selectively sends you notifications when your pet is near.
  • Dual custom-fit treat dispensers - Give your pet the treats they love.
  • etLife gallery - Browse photos of your pet taken by PetBot over the years.
  • Interact with your pet remotely – Ask your pet to sit, stay, or anything else, before offering a treat.

PetBot evolved out of the common worry that owners have over the welfare of their pet while away from home. After over fifty prototypes, in which we experimented with various materials and technologies, we at the PetBot team have a creation ready to be shared. We believe that PetBot is the best product currently available for remote pet-human relations, and with your kickstarter support, we will improve the design even further, source more affordable parts in bulk, and develop our advanced software to allow your pet to seamlessly interact with PetBot. There is nothing more powerful than the connection a pet has with their owner, and we want to help you connect with yours.

Customized For You and Your treats

Pets love their treats. PetBot is tailored with two custom-sized cartridges, one for larger treats and one for small treats, built specifically for your pet, depending on their favourite treat sizes. This lets you give your pet what it wants, rather than forcing you to buy a specific brand or type of treat. We encourage tailoring PetBot to your pet’s specifications since we are able to affordably, at no additional cost, 3D print the cartridges. Mixing treat sizes within a single cartridge is not currently supported, since each cartridge is tailored to a single treat size.


If you want a Petbot - check out their Kickstarter!