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Nissan EPORO Robot Car

YOKOHAMA (Oct. 1, 2009) - In 2008, it was the flight of the bumblebee that inspired Nissan’s Biomimetic Car Robot Drive “BR23C” concept. In 2009, fish-inspired technology takes center stage in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.‘s new Nissan “EPORO*1” robot car concept, which is designed to travel in a group of like-vehicles, mimicking the behavioral patterns of a school of fish in avoiding obstacles without colliding with each other.

Nissan will demonstrate this breakthrough technology with a group of six EPOROs when they make their world debut at the CEATEC JAPAN 2009, October 6 - 10 at the Makuhari Messe.

CEATEC JAPAN is an annual exhibition showcasing cutting-edge electronic and information technologies. Nissan is the only auto manufacturer that has been a participant in this exhibition since 2006. In addition to displaying the futuristic EPORO, Nissan Senior Vice President Minoru Shinohara will deliver a keynote speech, titled “The Future of the Automobile with Electric Vehicles and Car Robotics Evolution,” and participate in a panel discussion on “EV leads to a society of ‘All Electrification’ and ‘All Mobilization.’” Nissan will also exhibit the new Skyline Crossover’s*2 current collision prevention technologies and provide test drives of an eco-drive diagnosis system utilizing an iPhone®*3 application.

* CEATEC JAPAN: Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition.
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