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Multiplo: Create Your Own Robot

Our project started with a need. We were educators in lack of a flexible teaching material for robotics. We were not satisfied by what was available at the market. It was clear that we needed to find a solution. We started prototyping robots by laser cutting acrylic and wiring some breadboard to it. Soon we were giving lessons and designing parts that could be changed from one place to other to match the functions needed from the robot being built.


MECHANICAL PARTS: The result of what we have put together is a set of mechanical parts easy to assemble, difficult to break and simple to customize. The system is based in a mathematical relationship between dimensions of components, making them match each other. Below you can see a picture and a video of some of the parts that make a Multiplo Robot Building Kit.


TRULY OPEN SOURCE MECHANICS: The whole system is Open Source, but when making mechanical parts, the blueprints are not always enough. We also want to let the world know that we have designed each part in a way that it can be reproduced by simple tools. We call this Fab Lab Compatible and we want users to start making their own parts and share them. We welcome people to hack, tweak, modify and improve the system. Read more at the FAQ section.



[Source] via Kickstarter