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“MIT Tech Review 2009 Young Innovators Under 35 Award”—Unveils New Simon Robot

Dr. Andrea Thomaz of Georgia Tech’s Socially Intelligent Machines Lab was recently awarded the prestigious “MIT Tech Review 2009 Young Innovators Under 35”, an honor shared with last year’s robotics recipient, Andrew Ng.  Simultaneous to this fantastic news, Andrea’s lab unveiled an amazing new robot named Simon (see photos and videos below).  Simon features an articulated torso, dual 7-DOF arms, and anthropomorphic hands from Meka Robotics along with an expressive head designed at Georgia Tech.  Simon is designed to study human-robot interaction from a social learning vantage, such as learning by demonstration and human-robot collaboration.  I’m very enthralled for Andrea, and I’m proud to have taken her graduate research course on human-robot interaction while at Georgia Tech.

[Source] Hizook