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Minds-i Kits!

After five years of development, MINDS-i is offering their unique patented quick-lock construction system for purchase over the internet. Inventor, Mike Marzetta and president of Liberty Lake-based Altek Inc., launched their first products a little more than a month ago. They’ve sold about 30 varieties of kits, from basic construction sets with dozens of plastic connectors and beams. They now have about 30 high school juniors and seniors are building robots and contraptions at the Spokane Skills Center on the city’s North Side. Minds-i innovative component is the basic plastic connector, a simple but elegant method to put pieces together from different angles and hold them firmly in place. Read more for video clips!

“I get bored easily. Construction kits just couldn’t hold my interest. So I invented an entirely new system that gives anyone the freedom to build, battle, and race anything you can imagine. I call it MINDS-i.” —Mike Marzetta, MINDS-i Inventor

MINDS-i hexabot 6 leg walker built from the MINDS-i construction system, controled by the PCS BRAIN.

mindsi construction system , using the pcs brain micro controller. 

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