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Meet Roboscooper™

Meet Roboscooper™, your fun, friendly robotic buddy who loves to pick up, dump and recycle! Have him carry or scoop your favorite things around the house. In Autonomous mode he’ll grab things he sees or use the remote controller to make him pick up lightweight objects! After a long day working, Roboscooper loves to whack things with his arms. With lots of funny comments, modes and full driving control, Roboscooper is always ready to have fun!


  * Scoops objects up automatically when in autonomous mode, or when controlled by the included remote
  * Nimble.  Has six wheels allowing it easy traversal over most terrain
  * Multi-directional mobility
  * Funny phrases and sound effects
  * Sensors in his hands allow it to detect objects in front of it on the floor and pick them up, or knock them around
  * Obstacle avoidance.

Release Date: Roboscooper is expected to ship this August, 2010 but can be pre-ordered now.

[Source] BotJunkie