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Kickstarter: The energyShield - Power for your Arduino Creativity

Have you experienced that moment of success when you complete a project on your Arduino? This glorious victory when the temperature displays on your LCD, or your LEDs flash in perfect succession. I've spent many long hours on projects seeking this moment, only to have it shattered by the realization that my creation is shackled to the USB port of my computer or the cord on an AC adapter. Sure, you could wire up a battery pack of sorts with a costly 9V battery or a pack of AAs; only adding to the amount of delicate circuitry. We knew there had to be a better way… After some trial and error, we have found the better way.

NightShade Electronics is proud to introduce to you their Kickstarter…

Kickstarter: The energyShield is a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery in the form of an Arduino shield (Uno/Leonardo Compatible). It has three main internal functions including a circuit to boost the battery's nominal voltage of 3.7V to 5V; a lithium-polymer battery charging circuit; and an on-board fuel gauge IC which allows for the measurement of battery voltage, current, and accumulated charge by means of a Two-Wire Interface (TWI/I2C).


What's Included

All energyShields will include:

  •     energyShield (with everything soldered except the headers and battery)
  •     Battery (with bare leads)
  •     Header Pins
  •     Power Adapter (U.S. Plug Type, 9V DC)


  •     Contained in Arduino Shield Form-Factor (Uno and Leo/R3)
  •     Rechargable
  •     5V Output (and 3.3V when attached to an Arduino)
  •     500 mA Output (Final version will be HIGHER!)
  •     Integrated Charging Circuit
  •     Fuel-gauge IC - Monitor Voltage, Current, and Charge via a Two-Wire Interface (TWI/I2C)
  •     Fully Functional Arduino Library
  •     On/Off Switch
  •     Charges from Standard Arduino Power Adapter (7.2-20V)
  •     Powers Arduino While Charging

Some Applications

  •     Temporary Projects
  •     Remote Data Logging
  •     R/C Vehicles
  •     Classrooms
  •     Any Time You Want Hassle-Free Power

How is it Unique?

It's not a secret that there are other batteries out there for the Arduino. However, there is no other rechargeable Arduino battery that includes built-in charging circuitry, offers high current sourcing ability, and contains a fuel gauge within the footprint of the Arduino . Here at NightShade Electronics we created our first working prototype a couple weeks before Christmas and, even today, we are still fascinated by the ease at which you can power a project with the energyShield. There's no expensive, disposable batteries. No delicate power circuitry. Just a securely attached shield with an On switch and DC power jack for recharging. It's easy and it is FUN!

Where you come in…

We have brought the energyShield to Kickstarter, because we need your support to fund the first production run of the energyShield. We have a manufacturing plan in place and we are in contact with various suppliers who are ready to source the parts to us. The only missing piece is your pledge. Your pledge will provide the capital necessary to place a production order large enough for it to be economical. On behalf of the entire NightShade team, Thank you!


Interested in getting The energyShield? Check out the Kickstarter today and make your pledge!