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Innorobo 2013

Innorobo is the unique international summit dedicated to service robotics. In only two years it has become the reference for robotics and innovation in Europe. Innorobo 2013 will take place from Tuesday, the 19th to Thursday the 21st of March 2013 in the Congress center of the Cité Internationale in Lyon. Innorobo showcases service robotics in all its diversity and ecosystem (start-ups, international groups, research labs, training/education, project holders ...)

Innorobo is open to professionals from all sectors of activity whether from the field of robotics or from any other industry such as medical and health, logistics and transportation, home appliances, agriculture and breeding, institution, education, leisure….

Robotics is not only a vertical industry but also a transversal dynamic, converging with many other domains. Innorobo offers non-robotics companies the possibility of exploring and integrating robotics technologies into their strategies, of discovering new growth perspectives to undertake new markets. Through its action, Innorobo takes part in the emergence and development of service robotics and collaborates to increase business and competitivity of other sectors.

Download here the full press kit in English

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