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FlashFly by Blue Wolf Inc.

Blue Wolf, an engineering and design company, is introducing a new line of wireless robotic products. Their newest product is FlashFly, which is an innovative system that allows a user to remotely download BASIC Stamp programs to Parallax’s Stamp modules or interpreter chips. FlashFly consists of three interdependent modules – the remote receiver board, an optional RS-232 adapter board, and the XBee USB base transmitter board.

FlashFly’s wireless capabilities, in coordination with common Series 1 XBee modules, will allow a user with a Basic Stamp mobile robot or stationary platform to modify his or her program remotely. FlashFly eliminates the tedious task of having to connect a robot to a computer before any programming changes can be made. FlashFly also enriches a user’s learning experience by providing instant feedback data to the DEBUG terminal screen, which allows a user to evaluate his or her program flow and I/O data remotely. FlashFly can also be used in conjunction with any other microprocessor platform that needs to transmit data wirelessly.

Blue Wolf designed FlashFly with versatility and convenience in mind for both hobbyists and educational users. The (1x8) 0.1” inline header makes breadboard use simplistic. Alternatively, an RS-232 converter board can be plugged in for direct connection to a DB9 female connector on a remote or mobile robot platform. Furthermore, FlashFly can be used for more advanced XBee experimentation by directly connecting additional wires or headers to the two rows of 0.1” plated holes on FlashFly. Any existing Series 1 XBee modules can be easily reconfigured to work with the flexibility and modularity of FlashFly. 

FlashFly features include:
* Onboard 3.3V regulator
* Small footprint for mobile robotic applications or fixed platforms
* LEDs for indication of TX, RX, RSSI, and POWER
* For use with BASIC Stamp modules, BASIC Interpreter chips, or other microprocessor platforms
* Uses Parallax’s BASIC Stamp Editor software for program downloading (no additional steps required)
* Two rows of 11 plated through-holes with 0.1” spacing allows the option of soldering jumper wires or headers (not included) for easy access to the remaining XBee module pins for more advanced designs
* Designed for the option of using XBee Pro modules if a larger wireless range is required
* Low cost, flexible-use system that can be used on many different platforms

FlashFly will begin shipping in March of 2011. For more information on FlashFly, or any other Blue Wolf products and services.

[Source] Ty Plowman/Dennis Sand of Blue Wolf, Inc.