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FIRST Championship - April 15 - 17, 2010 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta

Innovation has always been the backbone of FIRST®, since our initial FIRST® Robotics Competition in 1992 when 28 teams gathered in a small New Hampshire gym. Almost two decades later, we salute our seeds of innovation ? along with those of science, engineering, and technology ? as we invite you to join us for the annual FIRST Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, April 15-17, 2010.

There you’ll witness innovation at its best, thanks to the efforts of the more than 10,000 youth from more than 30 countries who will participate in this year’s FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) Championship, FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) World Championship, and FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) World Festival. The teams are eager, energized, and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

The concept of innovation is prominent in this year’s events. In the FRC BREAKAWAY™ game, the exciting “hanging robot” feature brings “robot soccer with bumps” to a new level. Our FTC game, Hot Shot!™, uses real-world infrared concepts to provide a beacon for robot targeting, mirroring the obstacles often faced by engineers in the real world. And, in the FLL Smart Move Challenge, younger teammates tackle today’s transportation safety and efficiency issues, applying technology, imagination, and creativity to solve them.

As always, our most important challenge is to cultivate the next generation by inspiring innovative, passionate future scientists, engineers, and technologists who will lead the way into a new, more innovative world where Gracious Professionalism™, informed thinking, and critical analysis converge. As we at FIRST like to say, it’s not just about building robots ? it’s about changing society, one young person at a time.

It’s also about the opportunities that arise from being a part of FIRST ? that powerful combination of imagination, determination, and collaboration that occurs when young people discover the excitement of STEM, coupled with the thrill of competition and the rewards it brings.

The 2010 FIRST Championship is a testament to technology, a testament to science, and a testament to engineering.  But most importantly, it is a testament to the students, Mentors, Coaches, Volunteers, and Sponsors who make this event what it is today: a culmination of creativity mixed with enthusiasm and good, old fashioned ingenuity. We salute our youth and we salute the more than 90,000 dedicated volunteers worldwide who mentor, motivate, and inspire this future generation of innovators.

Join us as we acknowledge their endeavors and discover what they can accomplish with your support, guidance, and inspiration. Their efforts have been transformative, and yes, with your help, they can change the world.

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