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CoasterBot Contest By Club Jameco - Winners!

The winners of the CoasterBot contest by Jameco have been announced! First Prize goes to Eric of Torrance, CA with his entry: The Terminator! The Terminator is a BASIC Stamp 2E controlled-wheeled chassis that uses a laser sensor to locate targets and a servo-based gun to knock them out with rubber bands. Watch the clip below to see Termintor "Seek and Destroy"!  Read more to view the other winners!

SECOND PRIZE: THE GUARD DOG from Sebastian of Romania.

  • This bot MOVES and takes in all its surroundings, The Guard Dog employs ultrasonic range sensors for long range obstacles and IR sensors for close range and small objects.

THIRD PRIZE: COBBER from Edward of Victorville, California

  • The Cobber serves up the literal meaning of coaster by delivering a beverage to a destination point. The Cobber starts when a light sensor is activated and uses ultrasonic distance sensors to detect boxes in its way. Cobber finds its delivery target with a color detecting sensor.

Visit to view the honorable mentions…