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Coaster Bot II: Robot Design Contest

Our good friends at Jameco just launched their Coaster Bot II: Robot Design Contest! You have to design a robot using a coaster (CD or DVD) as the development platform, or main body component. From there, anything goes. Design your CoasterBot with any function, shape or size. It may fly across the sky, swim under water or scale a mountain. It may shoot jelly beans, tie your shoes or peel potatoes. Your design will get awarded for creativity! Sounds like fun! Are you going to enter? 


Judging Criteria: The coasterbot must include a coaster as the main body component and will be judged on the following criteria:

• 50% innovation and originality
• 50% ability to meet these three goals:
1. Navigate a space on its own
2. Avoid obstacles
3. Has at least one extra sensing system

How to Enter
No purchase necessary. To enter the contest, follow these two easy steps.
1.To register, simply send an email to including your name, address, phone number and a brief description of your coaster bot by August 31, 2013.
2. Enter by submitting a photo and a video link (3 minute maximum) of your bot in action to by July 31, 2013. The photo must be a close-up of your robot and the video must indicate the following:

• Where the coaster is located
• How the robot works
• How your entry meets the three goals: navigation, obstacle avoidance, extra sensing system

Jameco sells a basic CoasterBot Kit for $79.95, which may be used in the design, but you are encouraged to use any materials you see fit and add functionality and originality to your robot. Click here to view the kit and its parts.

Contest Timeline
• June 1  Contest begins. Designers may register and submit entries
• July 1  Registration ends at midnight
• Aug 31 Contest ends at midnight. No more entries accepted
• Oct 1 Winners notified by email and announced in the October Newsletter
• Oct 1 Prizes sent to winners


For Rules and Regulations visit the