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Army Robots to Headline All-American Bowl Celebration

DETROIT ARSENAL, WARREN, MI ? The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) is showcasing some of the latest military robotics technology in the Army Strong Zone display Jan. 4-9, 2010, at the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.

For 10 years, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl has served as the preeminent launching pad for America’s future college and NFL stars. The Army Strong Zone is a 129,000 square-foot interactive display area featuring some of the Army’s elite technology and assets. Army Soldiers are also on-site to provide visitors with a glimpse into Army life and the many options and opportunities available through military service.

“The All-American Bowl continues to be a springboard for a number of outstanding student athletes, and we are proud to showcase TARDEC technologies to both participants and fans in San Antonio,” said Dr. Jim Overholt, TARDEC’s Joint Center for Robotics director. “TARDEC is highlighting technologies that are at the forefront of our energy initiatives and others that are doing the dull, dirty or dangerous work we don’t want our Soldiers performing.” Overholt is scheduled to be on location to answer questions about Army robotics research and development in the areas of tele-operated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicle systems.

TARDEC – the U.S. Army’s robotics center of gravity – will highlight the research being pursued in core robotics technology for small, unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The goal of robotics research is to enhance Soldier situational awareness allowing Soldiers to complete their missions without unduly exposing themselves to enemy attacks.

TARDEC’s Army Strong Zone display will feature a variety of UGVs including:
·      Hybrid Electric (HE) High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) – TARDEC, working alongside DRS Technologies, has developed the XM1124 HE HMMWV. The HE HMMWV is a diesel-series hybrid on a M1113 chassis with an all-electric drivetrain, which includes a high-power Lithium-ion battery pack with high energy density. The vehicle has also demonstrated extended silent watch up to six miles at a speed of 20 mph.
·      Squad Support Unmanned Ground Vehicle – The SSUGV was developed through collaboration with the automotive industry and performs reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition.
·      TALON IV – TALON provides Soldiers the ability to identify explosive devices visually and neutralize them from a safe stand-off distance.
·      iRobot PackBot with FasTac – These robots are used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions and can provide limited explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) support.
·      iRobot Warrior – Warrior is designed to travel over rough terrain and climb stairs while performing a variety of critical mission tasks.

Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Terrelle Pryor all made their national debuts as U.S. Army All-Americans. Last year the U.S. Army All-American Bowl drew more than 32,000 fans to the game at the Alamodome along with being the most watched sporting event on television of the weekend, after the NFL Playoffs. Last spring, eight All-American Bowl alumni were selected in the first round of the NFL draft. In addition, U.S. Army All-American Marching Band members selected from across the country have marched in many top Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International groups, as well as participating in high level state ensembles. The state of Michigan was represented by nine high school musicians at last year’s game.

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Headquartered at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, MI, TARDEC is the Nation’s laboratory for advanced military automotive technology and serves as the Ground Systems Integrator for all DOD manned and unmanned ground vehicle systems. With roots dating back to the World War II era, TARDEC is a full life-cycle, systems engineering support provider-of-first-choice for all DOD ground combat and combat support weapons, equipment and vehicle systems. TARDEC develops and integrates the right technology solutions to improve Current Force effectiveness and provide superior capabilities for Future Force integration. TARDEC’s technical, scientific and engineering staff lead cutting-edge research and development in Ground Systems Survivability; Power and Mobility; Intelligent Ground Systems; Force Projection; and Vehicle Electronics and Architecture. 

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