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A Boy and his Robot

Meet Lyndon Baty, a 16 year old who has a severe kidney disorder that prevents him from attending High School. But that’s not stopping Lyndon from going to class every day! Instead of getting on a bus and going to school like most other kids, Lyndon connects to his VGo Robot and is then able to move around school, interact with teachers, chat with his friends between classes and spend the lunch period with them without endangering his health.

For some students, attending school isn’t possible

Injuries, extended illnesses, immune deficiencies and other physical challenges prevent a student from physically being able to attend school. School districts try to accommodate these special needs by working providing on-line courses, in-home tutors, special busing, videoconferencing and more. But these are expensive and very limiting since students miss out on the classroom experience and social life that comes with attending school.  Now, they can participate in classroom discussions and share in the social aspects of locker-side chats, lunch period and moving from class to class. 

[Source] Youtube & VGo