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364-Foot Taekwon V Statue

Taekwon V will be the center-piece of Robot Land, a nearly $600 million dollar development of entertainment areas, exhibition halls, research centers and businesses that we’ve mentioned in the past. Though it broke ground long before the Japanese projects, many believe Korea’s Taekwon V cartoons copied Japan’s Mazinger Z in the first place.


In what at first appears to be a serious case of keeping up with the Jones’, Korea is planning to build a 111 meter (364?) tall statue of Robot Taekwon V that will dwarf the Gundam statue and the upcoming 18 meter monument to Tetsujin 28.  Robot Land, the robot-themed amusement park being built by Incheon Metropolitan City has actually been in the works for years, predating the Japanese projects.  Ironically, Robot Taekwon V (known as Voltar the Invincible in the U.S.) starred in a string of patriotic animated films that some would say brazenly copied Japan’s own Mazinger Z, which was also popular in Korea at the time.

Once completed, the ginormous statue will be more than twice the height of New York’s Statue of Liberty (and still a bit taller even if you include the Statue of Liberty’s base).  I’m guessing you’ll be able to actually go inside the robot, where you’ll enjoy fine dining, gaze at the sunset through its eyes, and buy cheesy souvenirs from the gift shoppe.  Seriously though, this place looks like it’ll be amazing.  You can check out concept drawings of the completed park, including the ever-protective Robot Taekwon V, at the official website.

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