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2010 VEX Robotics Competition

This Thursday April 22nd, through Saturday April 24th, more than 3,000 leading middle school, high school and university students and mentors representing 14 countries from around the world will unite at the Dallas Convention Center for the highly anticipated VEX Robotics Competition World Championship.

A recap of the 2008-2009 VRC World Championship held in May 2009 in Dallas, TX [url=][/url]

To match the growing popularity of the VEX Robotics Competition, having tripled in size since its inception in 2008, Grant Imahara, from The Discovery Channel’s hit series Mythbusters, is scheduled to kick-off the final day of competition as emcee on Saturday, April 24th.

VEX Robotics Competitions provide students with an exciting, non-traditional opportunity to test their engineering knowledge and interact with peers on regional, national and international levels.  The team-based competitions not only challenge students’ STEM skills, but also teach them critical life skills such as teamwork, project management and problem solving.

VEX Robotics was created as a way to engage kids with science, technology, engineering and math and prepare them with the tools needed to fuel today’s youth who will soon be tomorrow’s innovators. 

The VEX Robotics Design system—which can be used to create both autonomous and radio-controlled robotic devices—is a fun, imaginative way for middle and high school students to develop critical STEM aptitudes.  Educators, coaches and mentors all over the world teach students how to design and build robots using the design system and other VEX accessories.  By instilling a passion for science and technology in young people through creative hands-on learning, the VEX Robotics Design System is helping to foster the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Below is the press release.  If you click here: [url=][/url] you can watch a video where students, mentors & teachers explain what it is exactly about VEX Robotics & the World Championship that brought them in and earned their support.

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