Thomas Henry

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Getting Started with Pascal on a PIC

March 2015, Page 70

Want to try advanced algorithms on your PIC-based robot? Pascal for the PIC provides a highly structured tool for your next robotics experiment.

Programming the Arduino in Basic
September 2014, Page 58

The Arduino is a popular microcontroller to use in robotics, but one of its best kept secrets is that you can program it in the Basic language instead of C.

Understanding the PIC Compare Module

August 2014, Page 42

The ability to determine the frequency of a waveform is key to modern robotics — think quadrature detectors, ultrasound, IR, and laser range finders. Learn how to use the compare mode to generate accurate timing pulses or repeat waveforms of a specific frequency.

Understanding the PIC Capture Module

July 2014, Page 50

The capture module is so handy, it’s a shame not to know how to use it. Why, you ask? Its primary purpose is to accurately measure the period or duty cycle of an incoming pulse wave — a capability that’s invaluable in reading a wide variety of sensors.

All About PIC Pulse Width Modulation

May 2014, Page 52

PWM is a valuable technique with many applications. If you’re unclear on this signal processing approach or are just having trouble figuring out the datasheets, this quick tutorial can help.