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Program files available here for download have been provided to us by outside sources. Many of these files are also available elsewhere, but are provided at this location for the convenience of our readers, due to their mention or review in SERVO Magazine. Any cost, restrictions, license agreement, support, documentation, etc. is between the user and the originator of the software. SERVO Magazine does not warrant any of these files to be suitable for any specific use. We believe them all to have been released into the public domain. Therefore, their presence here and availability for download does not constitute any copyright infringement or licensing violation. If you believe otherwise about ANY of these files, please let us know so we can remove it or obtain permission to distribute it here.

Use PKUNZIP or WINZIP to decompress. We do NOT test, support, modify, or troubleshoot code. Please notify us by Email at if you find any that does not work. If you need a specific code listing from a past article that is not listed, contact us by Email and we will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

July 2009 (0)
Adding Sonar Capabilties To Your SERVO TankBot (project) - Ron Hackett
BAS files (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
Source Code (0)
Computer Control and Data Acquisition (article) - David A. Ward
Thermal Chamber.VI (0)
Implementing a Low Speed, Low Cost Commmunications Protocol: Part 2 (project) - Fred Eady
PCB and Code (0)
The Navigator (project) - John W. Molnar
Source Code

June 2009 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
SCI Communications implementation program (0)
Hageteka (project) - Andrew Alter
Modeled Brackets (0)
Implementing a Low Speed, Low Cost Communications Protocol (project) - Fred Eady
PCB and Code
  Cheapbot-14-PCB.jpg (0)
The Cheapbot-14 Robot Controller (article) - L. Paul Verhage
PCB pattern

May 2009 (0)
C-Bot (project) - John Iovine
.HEX and .BAS (0)
Coding the Buffered Communications Subsystem (article) - Fred Eady
AX-12+ Driver Code (0)
SERVO TankBot (column) - Ron Hackett
New REDUX Tank Bot Code

April 2009 (0)
A3950 DC Motor Controller Tips and Tricks (article) - Jose I Quinones
A3950 Download Package (0)
Unwinding the AX-12+ Communication Protocol (project) - Fred Eady
AX-12+ PIC18F2620 Firmware

March 2009 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
PIC assembly for the PIC12F508, but will work with the 12C508, as well. (0)
Emancipating Your SERVO TankBot (project) - Ron Hackett
Download Package (0)
Robot Projects (project) - Fred Eady
Download Package for Robot Projects

February 2009 (0)
BLDC Hardware: Part 3 (project) - Fred Eady
BLDC Driver program & PCB file

January 2009 (0)
BLDC Hardware - Part 2 (project) - Fred Eady
Driver Program and PCB file