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Use PKUNZIP or WINZIP to decompress. We do NOT test, support, modify, or troubleshoot code. Please notify us by Email at if you find any that does not work. If you need a specific code listing from a past article that is not listed, contact us by Email and we will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

December 2008

  122008-Appetizer-Resources.txt (0)
Build a Self-Balancing Scooter (column) - Shane Colton
Resources for the Self-Balancing Scooter
  Learning_to_Drive-SV200812.pdf (0)
Learning To Drive: The BLDC Motor (project) - Fred Eady
Full Article (0)
Taking Control of Your SERVO Tankbot (project) - Ron Hackett
Servo test program

November 2008

  A_Robotic_Puppet-SV200811.pdf (0)
A Robotic Puppet (article) - John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal
Full Article (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
C Program written in CCS PCM for the PIC16F73 microcontroller that allows you to play with your PID algorithm to see what gain valules cause what responses. (0)
Combat Zone (column) -
BUILD REPORT - 30 Pound Combat Robot - Mitch by Ray Billings. This zip contains AutoCad drawings and PDF files with the specs on Mitch's construction.
  Robot_Competitions_and_contests-SV200811.pdf (0)
Robot Competitions and Contests (column) - Tom Carroll
Full Article (0)
The Pico ITX Johnny 5 Project (article) - Andrew Alter
.Robo file that tracks various colored objects (0)
The Universal Motor (project) - Fred Eady
HEX and C File (0)
When LEGO Meets Sumo (article) - Phil Malone
Four SuGo strategy programs and one test program

October 2008 (0)
A Digital RF DataLink (project) - Fred Eady
EmbedRF API code (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
Source code files (0)
External Interface for the NXT Robotic Brick (article) - Dennis Bogden
Program to implement the I2C Communications to the Acroname (Devantech) Electronic R117 Compass
  Getting_Kids_into_Robotics-SV200810.pdf (0)
Getting Kids Into Robotics (column) - Gordon McComb
Full Article
  Results from RoboGames 2008.doc (0)
RobotGames 2008 (article) - Samuel Coniglio
Results from RoboGames 2008
  RoboGames_2008.pdf (0)
RobotGames 2008 (article) - Samuel Coniglio
Complete Article

September 2008 (0)
Bring Up Your Own Mesh Network (article) - Fred Eady
Telegesis ETRX2 Driver, PCB PDFs. (0)
Getting Control with the Propeller (article) - Chris Savage
Express PCB file and Schematics

August 2008 (0)
The CPLD Servo Driver (article) - Fred Eady
CPLD logic Source code and XC2C64A Development PCB

July 2008 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
IRdecoder.c Program (0)
Big Mamma Gear Motors (article) - Fred Eady
A3959 Motor Driver Board (0)
Encoder Matching (project) - Robert Doerr
Processor to scale encoder values

June 2008 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Dennis Clark
A derivative that prints out two encoder wheels of the same dimensions. While you can’t make as big of an encoder wheel with this file, it makes an identical pair which can be useful. It is used in the same way but has another option to print out a center hub of variable diameter, as well. (0)
BasicBoard Robotics (project) - William Smith
OEM Docking Express PCB Layout
  Building_a_Sonar_System.pdf (0)
Building a Sonar System (project) - Fred Eady
Entire Article
  maxbotix_driver.c (0)
Building a Sonar System (project) - Fred Eady
MaxBotix Driver
  CA1.pdf (0)
Loki Crosses The Pond - Part 1 (article) - Alan Marconett
QwikFlash Board Assembly PDF

May 2008 (0)
Artificial Life: Part 2 – Genetic Algorithms: Hello World (column) - Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Hex and .c file (0)
Combat Zone (column) -
More photos of kinetic energy weapons from the April Combat Zone article by Mike Jeffries (0)
Managing Your Mobile Monkey (project) - Fred Eady
Express PCB file and .c file
  R2D2-Builders.pdf (0)
The R2 Builders Club And The Jedi Code (article) - K. Stiles Howard
Entire Article

April 2008 (0)
Gecko "Vampire" (article) - Fred Eady
PCBs and Firmware (0)
GPS Guided Autonomous Robot (project) - John Overstorm
BS2 Programs (0)
Reviving an Androbot BOB - Part 3 (article) - Robert Doerr
BOBCP.SXB program

March 2008

  Figure4.doc (0)
A More Versatile Robotic Controller Using RobotBASIC (article) - John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal
The Hardware-Level Control Program - PBASIC program for the BASIC Stamp® 2 from Parallax
  servo_l6208.c (0)
Building a Stepper Mottor Controller - Part 2 (article) - Fred Eady
L6208 Motor Driver Board

February 2008 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Pete Miles
Zip contains the PSX_SX.SXB and BAS file (0)
The RoboCooler (project) - Jerry Reed
Source for the RoboCooler program. This version is for Linux, but it has some conditional compilation options for Visual C++ under Windows.

January 2008 (0)
Compute Square Roots Fast (project) - Tim Paterson
Complete program listing with the macro definitions
  Mind-Iron.pdf (0)
Mind / Iron (column) - Bryan Bergeron
Full Article
  012008- (0)
Neural Networks For The PIC Microcontroller (column) - Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Source code for the CCS PIC C, a hex file, and the Processing application.
  Robotic-Resources.pdf (0)
Small Brains for Your Bot (column) - Gordon McComb
Full Article (0)
The Super Stepper Driver (project) - Fred Eady
A3979 Project Files