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Program files available here for download have been provided to us by outside sources. Many of these files are also available elsewhere, but are provided at this location for the convenience of our readers, due to their mention or review in SERVO Magazine. Any cost, restrictions, license agreement, support, documentation, etc. is between the user and the originator of the software. SERVO Magazine does not warrant any of these files to be suitable for any specific use. We believe them all to have been released into the public domain. Therefore, their presence here and availability for download does not constitute any copyright infringement or licensing violation. If you believe otherwise about ANY of these files, please let us know so we can remove it or obtain permission to distribute it here.

Use PKUNZIP or WINZIP to decompress. We do NOT test, support, modify, or troubleshoot code. Please notify us by Email at if you find any that does not work. If you need a specific code listing from a past article that is not listed, contact us by Email and we will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

December 2007

  Then_And_Now.pdf (0)
Servos (column) - Tom Carroll
Full Article (0)
Spare The Rod... Spoil The Bot (article) - Karla Conn
Stand Alone and Expanded code
  ramtron_16bit_pic.pcb (0)
Using FRAM for Non-Volatile Storage (article) - Fred Eady
Printed Circuit Board Layout (0)
Using FRAM for Non-Volatile Storage (article) - Fred Eady
Program Codes
  Robotic-Resources.pdf (0)
Using Laser With Your Robots (column) - Gordon McComb
Full Article
Votrax SC-01 To SpeakJet Translator (article) - Robert Doerr
Convert SC-01 to SpeakJet program

November 2007

  AutoFlex2.pdf (0)
AUTOFLEX 2.0 (article) - Brian Cieslak
Full Article
  Do_You_Want_It_Now.pdf (0)
Do You Want It Now? (project) - Fred Eady
Full Article (0)
Do You Want It Now? (project) - Fred Eady
Program written to control the Firgelli PQ-12-20-63-A 5Vdc linear actuator
  Then&Now-1107.pdf (0)
Humanoid Robots (column) - Tom Carroll
entire article (0)
Neural Networks For The PIC Microncontroller (column) - Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Program and Hex file

October 2007 (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Pete Miles
Program listings 1 & 2, and 2 test programs.
  Figure2.pdf (0)
Build A Vex Wireless Joystick Controller (project) - Daniel Ramirez
Wireless Controller Schematic (0)
M-Bot - Part 2 (project) - Ron Hackett
M-Bot Programs
  Then&Now-1007.pdf (0)
Robot Power (column) - Tom Carroll
entire article

September 2007 (0)
CAN Networking Southern Style (project) - Fred Eady
ECAN Version 1.0 (0)
M-Bot - Part 1 (project) - Ron Hackett
Base Layout and Schematic (0)
Neural Networks for the Microcontroller (column) - Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Source Codes

August 2007

  Then&Now-0807.pdf (0)
Robot Arms (column) - Tom Carroll
entire article (0)
Use the Magic of Infrared Remote Control on Your Bot (project) - David Ward
PCB files, Schematics and ASM code.

July 2007 (0)
Build a Bluetooth Comm Unit (project) - Fred Eady
Bluetooth project files (0)
Different Bits (article) - Heather Dewey-Hagborg
This zip contains the program file and the HEX
  Then&Now-0707.pdf (0)
Robot Sensors (column) - Tom Carroll
entire article
  TwinTweaks0707.pdf (0)
Robots Can Make Good Listeners, Too. (article) - Bryce & Evan Woolley
Entire article
  WebBoeBot.bsp (0)
Web-Based Telerobotics (project) - Bryan Bergeron
Program that reads Panasonic BL-C30A WebCam Stepper Motor Signals and drives Boe Bot

June 2007

  MrRoboto-0607.pdf (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Pete Miles
entire article (0)
Robot Simulation for Everyone (article) - John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal
RobotBASIC Demo program

May 2007

  RoboResources-0507.pdf (0)
Robotics Resources (column) - Gordon McComb
entire article

April 2007 (0)
A Simple Inertial Navigator (project) - David Avikasis, Shachar Braver, and Shlomo Engelberg
Program Codes
  BCslowspin.mpg (0)
Build the BioCrab (project) - Michael Simpson
Video Clip
  SERVO_PID_SIM.swf (0)
Robot Simulation: Systems-Level Applications (article) - Bryan Bergeron
Control System Simulation

March 2007

  Low Power Robot (0)
Low Power Robot Communications - Part 2 (project) - Peter Best
This zip contains listing 1 and the mrf24j40 codes.

January 2007

  CIRC_bot_shell.bas (0)
Beginner's Robotics on $50 a Month (project) - Paul Pawelski
Shell Program for CIRC_bot
  Hacking (0)
Hacking Roger (project) - Monty Reed
Program codes for Hacking Roger