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Program files available here for download have been provided to us by outside sources. Many of these files are also available elsewhere, but are provided at this location for the convenience of our readers, due to their mention or review in SERVO Magazine. Any cost, restrictions, license agreement, support, documentation, etc. is between the user and the originator of the software. SERVO Magazine does not warrant any of these files to be suitable for any specific use. We believe them all to have been released into the public domain. Therefore, their presence here and availability for download does not constitute any copyright infringement or licensing violation. If you believe otherwise about ANY of these files, please let us know so we can remove it or obtain permission to distribute it here.

Use PKUNZIP or WINZIP to decompress. We do NOT test, support, modify, or troubleshoot code. Please notify us by Email at if you find any that does not work. If you need a specific code listing from a past article that is not listed, contact us by Email and we will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

November 2005

  Scribbler_Code.bs2 (0)
Extending the Scribbler Robot (project) - Phil Mass
Scribbler surface detection and behavior project source code
  REFERENCES.doc (0)
RoboFac - part 3 (project) - Simon Arthur
Project References
  color pallette.ACT (0)
Rubberbands and Bailing Wire (column) - Jack Buffington
Adobe Photoshop palette that matches the ezLCD's palette that you can use to dither to.
  Leaf Project.rar (0)
The Leaf Project (article) - Bruce Weimer and Alex Brown
Leaf Project software files and source codes - This file requires WinRAR to open. You can download a free copy of WinRAR from their website

October 2005

  ProtoBot Instructions.doc (0)
Introducing the PROTOBot (project) - Camp L. Peavy, Jr
This document file contains the extra photos with captions for the PROTOBot Project. (0)
Rubberbands and Bailing Wire (column) - Jack Buffington
Path Planning for Mobile Robots sample code.

September 2005

  Derivations.pdf (0)
The Gift of Sight - part 3 (article) - Robin Hewitt
This pdf contains the Derivations from the equations from this article. (0)
Webcam-Based Laser Range Finder (project) - Todd Danko and Paul Oh
This zip contains the source code and executable for the laser range finder.

August 2005

  ProgramListing.txt (0)
Tetsujin Tech (column) - Roger G Gilbertson
Stamp 1 BASIC program listing for the Heavy Lift demonstration device. (0)
The Assembly Line (column) - James Antonakos
This zip file contains the code listings and a pdf of table 3. (0)
The NEA Micro-Lander Project - Part 2 (article) - L. Paul Verhage
This zip file contains a zip file of the PCB patterns and a zip file of the codes to operate the NEA Micro-Lander.

July 2005

Add Free Memory to Your PIC Projects (article) - Tom Napier
This file is for the MICROCHIP DRAM Driver Routines.
  Figure 7 - Test Code Listing.txt (0)
Got Gyros? (project) - Steven Schmitt
This txt file contains the test program that will periodically read the A-to-D converter and store the results in the EEPROM so it could be retrieved via the serial programming port. (0)
Infrared Tachometer (project) - Bill Donofrio
Schematic for the Infrared Tachometer
  5servo.HEX (0)
Robotic Arm (project) - John Iovine
The Five Servo HEX file for the project.
  PICBasicProProgram.txt (0)
Robotic Arm (project) - John Iovine
This text file contains the program written from the PIC Basic Pro Compiler from MicroEngineering Labs for a five servomotor controller that uses the PIC16F873 microcontroller.
  Tipsy Robot (0)
Rubberbands and Bailing Wire (column) - Jack Buffington
This zip contains figure 2 (Full program for finding an angle in one axis for a full rotation), figure 6(Code to do a square root in binary) - and figure 12 (Main loop of program that finds angle for one axis for a half revolution).
  The Vex Epic - TwinTweaks.pdf (0)
Twin Tweaks (column) - Bryce Woolley & Evan Woolley
Instead of the usual tweak, Bryce & Evan were given the Vex Robotics Design System - a robotics kit . The Vex Robotics Design System is a Carnegie-Mellon University designed robotics kit that will serve as the successor to the Robovation Kit as an introduction to the robotics for FIRST Robotics Teams. You can read all about their Epic Tweak in this PDF of their column "Twin Tweaks" for the July 2005 SERVO magazine.

June 2005 (0)
The 411 on AVR PWM (project) - Peter Best
This zip file contains code listings 1, 2 & 3.

May 2005

  Figure3.pdf (0)
A Hobby CNC Milling Machine - Part 2 (project) - Lester "Ringo" Davis
This figure 3 pdf is a larger copy of the stepper interface schematic.
  Barlow - (0)
A Primer for the New Roboticist - Part 2 (article) - Kerry Barlow
This zip file contains the shcematic files.
  Prochnow (0)
Visions of Boe-Bots (project) - Dave Prochnow
This zip file contains TIF files of the Front & Back of the chip used in this project.

April 2005

  CNC (0)
A Hobby CNC Milling Machine - Part 1 (project) - Lester "Ringo" Davis
This zip contains two pdf's of the design dimensions

March 2005

  Simpson - (0)
The Mini Servo WALKER - Part 1 (project) - Michael Simpson
This zip contains the full-size set of plans for all the cutout parts for this project

February 2005 (0)
Build a PICChip Electronic Speed Control (project) - Dennis Volrath
This zip contains codes, pcb files and the parts list for this project.
  Smart Hat RS code.doc (0)
Hack-A-Sapien Contest 2nd Place Winner (article) - Henry Pfister
This doc file is the Smart Hat test program. (0)
Step Up and Get Motorvated! (project) - Pete Best
This zip contains the Motorvator firmware code.
  Code1.bas (0)
The Atom 24-PIN Micrprocessor - Part 2 (project) - Kerry Barlow
This Code 1 will read all three light sensors and output the value to the Atom's debug screen.

January 2005

  Sercom-Roboto.txt (0)
Ask Mr. Roboto (column) - Pete Miles
This text file contains a Visual Basic program for demonstrating serial communication to a Basic Stamp. (0)
IR Remotes for Your Robot (project) - Karl Williams
This zip contains the PicBasic program (CODE 5) aka ir-decode.bas and the HEX file to program the pic 16F819. (0)
The Atom 24-PIN Microprocessor (project) - Kerry Barlow
This zip contains two BAS code listings for this project.